Cake Showcase MA630

    Cake Showcase MA630

    Product Description

    Features *Single curve line with article elegant marble base of the stable, the appearance of luxury and beauty.
    *Adopts famous brand compressor, fast and efficient cooling, quiet operation while saving.
    *Accurate microcomputer control cabinet display ark temperature, with mild unique duct design, refrigeration more uniformity.
    *Air circulation around shelves are designed to ensure good results in the tray of food preservation.
    *Air-cooling design, to produce quick and even refrigeration and maintain the freshness and good taste of food.
    *Flat shelves, smooth surface reflected the food's delicious, clear mission easy and convenient.
    Model Dimension (L x W x H) Voltage Celcius
    MA630V 900x675x1210 220V/50Hz +3⁰c ~ +10⁰C
    MA640V 1200x675x1210 220V/50Hz +3⁰c ~ +10⁰C
    MA650V 1500x675x1210 220V/50Hz +3⁰c ~ +10⁰C
    MA660V 1800x675x1210 220V/50Hz +3⁰c ~ +10⁰C